Monday, August 3, 2015

TMOTSP Watches Hentai: Ogenki Clinic

Hey TMOTSP fans! Time for a little Hentai update. Your favorite TMOTSP duo watched Ogenki Clinic, a weird comedy Hentai starring erotic nurses, a big dicked doctor, and a whole lot more. The video embedded below has the hentai integrated as we watch it. If you prefer a clean version, head on down to YouTube. There's also a link for just the hentai. All good? Plugs aside, enjoy our antics! 

Clean Version via YouTube:

Friday, July 3, 2015

TMOTSP Watches: Pterodactyl Porn

Hello everyone! It's been a long time coming, but your favorite duo is back. Let's skip the pleasantries and questions as to where we've been though shall we? Okay, so Jurassic World. We both saw it and asked ourselves, hey, what would it look like if the dinosaurs starting fucking people. We found this porn, seemingly part of a longer movie, but there is only five minutes of it online. There are different screenshots and murmurings around the web, but it seems like a deep dark secret the studios want to hide. Well, TMOTSP is on the case! We'll find it someday, but for now, enjoy our antics with this short clip!

TMOTSP Watches Pterodactyl Porn Clean Version:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting Old and Dirty on Valentine's Day!

NEW EPISODE! We're always around for Valentine's Day and this year we're celebrating mature women. Yes, we're going going down that rabbit hole. From MILFs to straight up grandmas. It was a mixed episode to get through, but we did it all in the name of sexual science! 

We also opened up a bandcamp page for a high quality audio file with bonuses. This will be the new primary way to enjoy TMOTSP as, ahem, we need money to continue and working within the limits of YouTube is challenging. You know, censorship. So help support the show!

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TMOTSP 18 Part 1:

TMOTSP 18 Part 2:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TMOTSP Watches: A Time to Screw

Yes yes, we know. It's been far too long since any updates. All the stars aligned for Matilda and I to get together just after the New Year started. I made a best of compilation of the Hentai, A Time to Screw, and laughed gloriously as Matilda watched on in horror. It's one of the craziest Hentai series…EVER. Enjoy and see you back hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Link Zone:

TMOTSP Watches A Time to Screw (Clean YouTube Version)

A Time to Screw TMOTSP Remix (Uncut)

TMOTSP Watches A Time to Screw (Full Uncut Version)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

TMOTSP Watches Hentai: Miyazaki Maya Daizukan and Tales of Misbehavior

It's almost time for Anime Detour again so Matilda and I had a hankering to watch some hentai. And oh man did we choose some juicy ones. We watched two compilations (Tales of Misbehavior and Miyazaki Maya Daizukan) for a total of five short stories. We have the uncensored versions below with the hentai integrated inside. You can watch a clean version on YouTube, but you need to buy Tales in order to follow along, but for MMD, there is a stream below. 

Finally for those coming to Anime Detour, or people near the cities who want to meet us, look for Matilda and I (this is where we will be)! For those that won't be there, well, be ready for some more anime/hentai goodness coming out of that! And as always, enjoy! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

TMOTSP 16: The Naked News for VDAY

Happy Valentine's Day dear listeners/viewers! Matilda and I return for a brand new, full length episode of TMOTSP to discuss the news. No, not boring news like the Dow Jones. We talk about the Naked News Network, Japanese fetishes, and read off weird ass stories. It's an intellectual blast of sexiness. And as always, we have tons of great links below. You can watch the porn we viewed for this episode along with links to the stories discussed. Enjoy that, happy listening, and have a great VDAY everyone! 

Breast Explosion:
Internet for Porn:
Expensive Cybersex:
Porn Down Holiday:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy SharkNewNado Year!

Happy New Year TMOTSPers! Nope, not a new episode yet. Matilda and I promise you we are, yet again, working on big things. Expect updates somewhat more regularly. Perhaps not full shows, but definitely more spin-offs are on the way. I want us to post new videos on a bi-weekly to at least a monthly basis. Anyway, I recorded us watching Sharknado for the first like ten minutes before one of us got too drunk to carry on. MST3K style! Watch along on Netflix. 

Also I want to add that I plan on continuing my first podcast series, The TJ Money Podcast Event, but I plan on renaming it. I have one episode in the bin so far and I'll release that soon...maybe here...maybe in a new blog...maybe in a new website...either way look forward to that. And if you have ideas, or questions you'd like to share concerning TMOTSP be sure to comment, or email us at Let's make 2014 the biggest year for TMOTSP yet!